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Mini Loader

Red Roo Mini Loader

Introducing the all-new Hydraulic Platform Dedicated Track Mini Loader. The Mini Loader carriages utilise two sets of articulated rollers to absorb impact and traverse smoothly over obstacles and uneven ground. In addition to the spring tensioner, the Mini Loader Track system features a secondary hydraulic tensioning system to maintain the correct tension when in reverse.

Fluid changes and other routine maintenance tasks are easily accomplished on the Mini Loader. The cab-over design of the upper frame provides exceptional access to the engine, hydraulic pumps, and other major components.The electric-over-hydraulic drive control system provides smooth, effortless control of ground drive function. The Mini Loader employs a universal attachment plate that allows for the use of any industry-standard quick-change attachment.

The Hydraulic Platform Dedicated Track Mini Loader is ideal for accessing jobs with narrow access and can be used for earthmoving and levelling. The Hydraulic Dedicated Track allows usage in muddy or sandy applications and because operation is undertaken whilst standing, visibility is greatly enhanced over a sitting position.




Red Roo Mini Loader in Field
Mini Loader with Driver


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